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ISO 22000:2018(FSMS)

An ISO 22000 Standards Is Intenationally Recognized By Occupational Food Safety Management System (fsms) Which Helps An Organization To Improve Overall Performance In Food Safety.

ISO 22000:2018 Is A Food Safety Management Systems Certification.  Any Organization In The Food Chain Has To Set Out With The Requirement Of The Food Safety Management System. It Defines What An Organization Should Do To Exhibit Its Ability To Control Food Safety Hazards And Make Sure That Food Is Safe For Consumption.

Benefits Of ISO 22000:2018:

The Potential Benefits To An Organization Of Implementing A Fsms Based On This Document Are:
·    The Ability To Consistently Provide Safe Foods And Products And Services That Meet Customer And Applicable Statutory And Regulatory Requirements;
·    Addressing Risks Associated With Its Objectives;
·    The Ability To Demonstrate Conformity To Specified Fsms Requirements.
·    Enhanced Utilization Of Resources In The World Level
·    Improved Profits In Companies
·    Greater Quality Jobs In The Food Industry
·    Improved Economic Growth
·    Safer Food Insurance
·    Reduced Rates In Food Borne Disease
·    Effective Documentation Of Techniques, Procedures And Methods
·    A Potential Harmonization Of National Food Standards Is Provided
·    This Is An Effective International Standard
·    For Regulators, It Is The Most Appropriate System


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