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ISO 45001:2018(OHSAS)

ISO 45001:2018(OHSAS)  Is Previously Known As ISO 18001:2007

An Iso 45001 Standards Is Internationally Recognized By Occupational Health And Safety Management System (oh&s) Which Helps An Organization To Improve Employee Safety, Reduce Workplace Risks And Create Better, Safer Working Conditions With Proactively Improve Its Oh&s Performance In Preventing Injury And Ill-health.

The Purpose Of An Oh&s Management System Is To Provide A Framework For Managing Oh&s Risks And Opportunities. The Aim And Intended Outcomes Of The Oh&s Management System Are To Prevent Work-related Injury And Ill Health To Workers And To Provide Safe And Healthy Workplaces; Consequently, It Is Critically Important For The Organization To Eliminate Hazards And Minimize Oh&s Risks By Taking Effective Preventive And Protective Measures.

Benefits Of ISO 45001:2018:

·    Developing And Implementing An Oh&s Policy And Oh&s Objectives
·    Establishing Systematic Processes Which Consider Its “context” And Which Take Into Account Its Risks And Opportunities, And Its Legal And Other Requirements
·    Determining The Hazards And Oh&s Risks Associated With Its Activities; Seeking To Eliminate Them, Or Putting In Controls To Minimize Their Potential Effects
·    Establishing Operational Controls To Manage Its Oh&s Risks And Its Legal And Other Requirements
·    Increasing Awareness Of Its Oh&s Risks
·    Evaluating Its Oh&s Performance And Seeking To Improve It, Through Taking Appropriate Actions
·    Ensuring Workers Take An Active Role In Oh&s Matters
In Combination, These Measures Will Ensure That An Organisation's Reputation As A Safe Place To Work Will Be Promoted And Can Have More Direct Benefits, Such As:
·    Improving Its Ability To Respond To Regulatory Compliance Issues
·    Reducing The Overall Costs Of Incidents
·    Reducing Downtime And The Costs Of Disruption To Operations
·    Reducing The Cost Of Insurance Premiums
·    Reducing Absenteeism And Employee Turnover Rates
·    Recognition For Having Achieved An International Benchmark (which May In Turn Influence Customers Who Are Concerned About Their Social Responsibilities)


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